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Frequently asked questions

Customer FAQ

1. What can I do if I haven't received the confirmation e-mail after signing up?

Sometimes our messages get blocked by spam filters or ISP's. You might try requesting it again here. If it still doesn't work, please contact us, and we will activate your account for you.

2. How much do I have to pay for these images? What payment methods are there?

Please refer to our detailed Price guide which will also help you choose the best payment plan for your needs.

3. What can I do if there were problems during download?

After confirmation files are automatically saved to your default browser download location (such as your desktop or a folder called Downloads). If your browser's security settings block the download, click on the Manual download link or go to your account to get the file. If the file is damaged, please try downloading it again and if that doesn't help contact us and we will fix it for you or give a refund. You can use the site with confidence.

4. How come the file I downloaded isn't 300 DPI?

Don't worry if Photoshop says 72 DPI in the Image properties window, because the term DPI only makes sense in print, and the default screen resolution is set to 72 DPI. Change the resolution to 300 DPI in the Image Size dialog box and you will see the correct printing size instantly.

5. Can I use this image for...?

Our Image license agreement has a detailed a list of permitted and prohibited image uses. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact us.

Contributor FAQ

1. How do I become a contributor?

We are always looking for contributors who can supply a large number of high quality images, preferably with embedded metadata. If you are interested in selling your work with us, please sign up here!

2. How can I upload my work?

The fastest and most convenient way to upload your work is using our FTP server. Just copy your files on it and use our powerful Bulk editor tool to add keywords, releases etc. to the images. If you have IPTC metadata embedded in your files, your job gets even more easier as the site automatically reads everything. We also accept DVD's and harddisks and do the uploads for you. Please contact us if you'd like to use this option. For more information about uploading, please read the Upload guide.

3. How long does it take to review my images?

Reviewing your images can take up to 3 days depending on the number of files in the queue. Contributor applications take a bit longer, usually around a week.

4. Why were my files rejected?

For specific rejection reasons please go to My images and click on the red circles. To minimize the number of rejections, make sure you read our Upload guide first.

5. When and how do I get paid?

We pay contributors online, via Paypal and Moneybookers. If your earnings have reached $50, you can request a payout on your Earnings page. Earnings are sent every Monday.

6. I have trouble with the FTP. What are the exact settings again?

Before connecting, make sure
  • you use your Stockfresh username and password
  • the host is and NOT OR
  • the connection port is 21
  • the connection mode is PASSIVE
  • you have no firewall or router that blocks the connection
If you still have trouble, please contact us.

Affiliate FAQ

1. How do I become an affiliate?

If you'd like to earn money by spreading the word about Stockfresh, please sign up here!

2. When and how do I get paid?

We pay affiliates online, via Paypal and Moneybookers. If your earnings have reached $50, you can request a payout on your Earnings page. Earnings are sent every Monday.