Legal information

License comparison

Standard license
Physical items for resale (Limited)
Digital items for resale (Unlimited)
Extended print license (Unlimited)
Editing, coloring, cropping
Websites, portals and blogs
Social media
Books, magazines and newspapers
(including covers, up to 250,000 copies)
Online advertising
(banners, newsletters, social media etc.)
Offline advertising and promotional materials, magazine ads, billboards, flyers, brochures etc. (up to 250,000 copies)
Business identity, documents and presentations
Software applications
(decoration and navigation only)
TV, film, broadcast video, webcasts etc.
(maximum of 250,000 items)
Decoration for your home, office or venue
Printed reproductions for personal use
Printed reproductions for resale 10,000 copies
Coffee mugs, postcards, calendars, T-shirts etc. for resale 10,000 copies
Wallpapers, screensavers, e-cards, document and website templates etc. for resale
Software applications where the value comes from the images
Large scale print projects
(over 250,000 copies)
Logo design
(unless the image itself is a logo)
Pornographic and sensitive topics
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For more information please check out our detailed Image license agreement!